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Educação em Infectologia de forma clara e direta.

On this website I have two purposes:


  1. Make informational content related to infectious diseases available to all interested parties.

  2. Engage even more with professionals with fellow physicians, residents, interns and students of Infectious Diseases.

About me

Dr. paulo Beahr - Médico Infectologista

Dr. Paulo Behar is an infectologist.

Works in two large tertiary hospitals in Porto Alegre - RS since 1991, assisting outpatients and inpatients with infectious and parasitic diseases. In addition, he has been Professor of Infectious Diseases at UFCSPA since 1994, Master in Health Sciences (Microbiology) from UFRJ and Doctor of Medicine (Pneumology) from UFRGS.


Teleconsultation is an important tool for a significant part of consultations, helping in the time of care between the patient and the doctor.

Learn more and book your teleconsultation with me.

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